Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please read your Guest Agreement carefully before you begin your vacation.  Any monies received by Alekona Kauai, L.L.C for occupancy of vacation property, indicates the acceptance of the terms of our Guest Agreement in full.  All policies are strictly enforced. It is the responsibility of all guests and members of their property to be familiar with all policies pertaining to the Rental.

RENTER REQUIREMENTS: For legal and accounting purposes, the person placing the reservation must be the same as the credit/debit card holder.  This person is considered to be the Guest. All other persons involved with the rental are considered to be Guest’s invitees.  All discussion regarding the reservation, cancelation and damage policies will be discussed with the Guest, not the Guest’s invitees.  The Guests understands that Alekona Kauai, L.L.C. rents to responsible adults over the age of 21 ONLY.

LOST KEYS: If any keys are lost, a fee of $50 will be charged for each key lost.

DEPOSITS: A damage waiver fee will be charged to all Guests to pay for any accidental damage, missing items, loss, or excessive cleaning incurred as a result of Guest/Invitee stay. The maximum coverage for this is $3,000.  For damage in excess of this amount, guests will be financially responsible. This does not include intentional damage to the property. Intentional damage will be solely the Guests’ responsibility.

CREDIT CARD POLICY: A credit card is required regardless of how the reservation is being paid for and is used for payment of incidentals and other charges in connection with you stay.

BOOKING DEPOSIT PAYMENT: A 50% Booking Deposit of the total charges is required to confirm the reservation.  The Final Balance is due 90 days prior to arrival. Any reservations made within 90 days of arrival are due in full in order to have a confirmed reservation.

BALANCE PAYMENT: If no other payment is received prior to the final balance due date, we will automatically run the balance on the credit card on file.  If you wish to arrange another form of payment, you MUST contact a representative of Alekona Kauai, L.L.C. BEFORE the due date.

DAMAGE POLICY: As a condition to the rental of all Vacation Properties, Alekona Kauai, L.L.C. reserves the right to charge the Guest’s credit card for any and all Guest/Invitee-caused losses and damages sustained to the Vacation Property throughout the duration of their period of occupancy.  In the event of any Guest/Invitee caused loss or damage to the Vacation property, including, but not limited to eviction, service calls, service charges,fines/assessments, repairs or replacements, plus all applicable taxes, Alekona Kauai, L.L.C. is hereby granted the right to charge the Guest’s credit card.


CHECK-IN TIME: 4:00 P.M. unless otherwise agreed.

CHECK-OUT TIME: 10:00 A.M. unless otherwise agreed.

ARRIVAL TIME: Unless you have arranged an early arrival time, please do not arrive at the property before 4:00 p.m.

DEPARTURE TIME: Your prompt departure at 10:00 a.m. is appreciated so we can prepare the unit for incoming guests.  If you have not arranged for a late check out, you may be charged $75 per hour beyond the check out time of 10:00 a.m. that you are still on the property.  A minimum of one hour will be charged. If the unit has not been vacated by 4:00 p.m. a fee equal to one nightly rental may be assessed.


NO SMOKING: Guest/Invitee are not permitted to smoke inside or outside the home.

NO PETS: Guest/Invitee are not permitted to have pets or adopted animals inside or outside the home.

SERVICE or EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMALS: Guest/Invitee who plan on bringing a service animal or emotional support animal will notify Alekona Kauai, L.L.C. when the reservation is made.


POOL: NO DIVING is permitted in the pool. NO GLASS is permitted outside the home. We provide plastic wine glasses, cups, plates and bowls as well as serving trays for your use outside. PLEASE keep in mind that if broken glass finds its way into the pool or spa it may have to be drained.

SECURE THE PREMISES: While Guest/Invitee are renting this property,  Guest/Invitee agrees to secure the home and its contents as well as Guest/Invitee personal belongings when leaving the property. Guest/Invitee will not ever leave the home without locking the doors and windows.

RETURN FROM THE BEACH: Guest/Invitee agrees to use the showers located at the beach to remove sand before going into the pool or the house.


OPEN FIRES: Are prohibited on the property at all times.


ADDITIONAL GUEST: If more than the contractually agreed upon number of Guests/Invitees, as set forth in your booking confirmation, are staying at the house we reserve the right to terminate the reservation and retain the balance of the rent paid. At a minimum, a fee of $200/night per additional occupant will be charged to your credit card.


NO EVENTS: Guest/Invitee will not have any events at the property.  This includes, but is not limited to, weddings, wedding receptions, or other celebrations. If an event occurs at the property there will be a substantial venue fee charged to Guest.


CANCELLATION POLICY: Guest must make any cancellation between the time of booking and ninety (90) days prior to Guest’s and Invitee’s arrival date. Cancellations made within this time frame will result in a full refund of all monies paid. Any cancellation, change of dates, or early departures made less than ninety (90) days prior to your contracted arrival date will result in forfeiture of all monies paid. In light of the fact that each property is unique and unforeseen events may occur to include, but not be limited to, sale of the property, significant maintenance issues, fire, and/or power outages, we do reserve the right to cancel your reservation at a specific property at any time. In the event this should occur we will assist you in making alternate arrangements. If we are unable to satisfactorily place you in a property managed by Alekona Kauai, L.L.C. you will receive a full refund of all monies paid by you to Alekona Kauai, L.L.C.


TRAVEL PROTECTION INSURANCE: Guest/Invitee are strongly encouraged to purchase travel insurance. Some losses can be avoided it Travel Protection Insurance is purchased and the reason for cancellation is covered under the travel insurance policy.


POWER/WEATHER RELATED CANCELLATION:  Alekona Kauai, L.L.C. does NOT issue refunds due to acts of nature such as: weather, road conditions, hurricanes, tsunami, power outages, etc.  Travel Protection Insurance may provide some protection against these instances.


CONSTRUCTION: Agent and Owner are not responsible for any construction noise beyond the Property.  Guest acknowledges that Agent and Owner have no control over the hours of work or noise level of any construction beyond the Property.  Audible construction noise shall not void or negate the Agreement between Owner and Agent. Construction noise shall not serve as a basis for claim for refund, price reduction, or other compensation.


REPAIR AND SERVICE CALLS: Agent and owner do not guarantee against mechanical or electrical failure of air conditioning, fans, lights, televisions, refrigerators, stoves, microwaves or other equipment. No refund or rent deduction will be made due to failure of such equipment.


RIGHT TO ENTER: If necessary, Owner or Agent or their designated vendors may enter the property in order to inspect or make necessary or requested repairs. Owner or Agent will only enter the Vacation Property during reasonable hours except in the case of emergency.  Regular vendors to the Vacation Property include pool, yard and cleaning services. Such vendors shall be allowed to enter at normally scheduled times.


ENVIRONMENTAL DISCLOSURE: Guest/Invitees hereby acknowledge that the State of Hawaii is exposed to such environmental hazards including, but not limited to, Tidal Wave/Tsunami, Hurricane and Flood, Volcano eruptions, etc.  Please refer to the local phone book regarding inundation areas and evacuation instructions should a threat occur. We recommend Vacation Rental Insurance for any unforeseen circumstances. Because we are in the Tropics, you may encounter geckos, and other pests.  Our properties are treated regularly for pest control maintenance; however, pests are a normal part of life in the tropics. Alekona Kauai, L.L.C. does not issue refunds due to the presence of pests in the Vacation Property.


VACATION PROPERTY: Every effort has been made to provide Guest with accurate information concerning our properties. However, distances to the beach and other locations and activities are approximations. The inventory of the property may vary over time. Moreover, due to construction that may occur it is possible that views may be obstructed. Alekona Kauai, LLC will not be held responsible for noise or loss of view and such conditions will not void or alter the terms of this agreement.


SUPERVISION OF MINORS: Guest/Invitee acknowledge and agree that Guest will be responsible for and will assume the risk for any of Guests’ minor family members, guests, or invitees that use the Facilities at the property, including, but not limited to, the swimming pool and spa. Guest agrees to supervise any children, non-swimmers, individuals with physical or other disabilities, and all others using the Facilities and to take full responsibility for their supervision.




Guest/Invitee agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Alekona Kauai, LLC, its owners, employees, representatives, agents, successors and assigns for any and all damages, costs, expenses, attorney’s fees, and other obligations incurred by Alekona Kauai, Alekona Kauai’s owners, employees, representatives, agents, successors or assigns due to any claims relating to property damage, injuries or death that may be sustained by Guests on or near or adjacent to the property during the term of the rental agreement. Guest/Invitee agree that this Agreement may be plead as a complete defense to any action or other proceeding, which may be brought, instituted or taken by the Guest the guests’ family, other guests, invitees or Property users. This Agreement shall be binding upon the Guest/Invitee and the Guests’/Invitees’ heirs, personal representatives, executors, administrators, successors and assigns


GUEST SATISFACTION: Alekona Kauai, LLC along with its agents and employees strive to ensure that each Guest has an enjoyable stay at the property they have chosen. If there is a problem with the property, or any other aspect of the vacation that is booked with Alekona Kauai, LLC we want to know. As such, Guest agrees to notify Alekona Kauai, LLC in writing within twenty-four hours of check-in at the property if the residence does not meet with Guest’s satisfaction by hand delivering written notice detailing the complaints of Guest concerning the residence to Alekona Kauai, LLC at 5488-A, Koloa Street, Koloa, HI 96756. Reasonable efforts will be made to relocate any dissatisfied Guest but acceptable relocation is not guaranteed due to uncertainties as to available spaces, time of year and other factors over which Alekona Kauai, LLC has no control. Complaints regarding the property will not be honored after the initial 24-hour period of the rental, and any complaints filed with credit card companies after rental is completed will not be honored.

I understand that Alekona Kauai, L.L.C. is an agent for the owner.  I further understand and represent that I will explain the Terms & Conditions to all individuals in my group who are authorized to stay at the property.